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Feeding frenzy

February 10, 2010 1 comment

ONE FACTOR that makes an angler enjoy the sport of fishing has to be the unpredictable nature of it. And that makes it a challenging task of sorts.

Fishing is unlike many other sports such as golf or bowling, for example. I’m not saying golf and bowling are easy, I know they are not as I’ve been crazy about them before, but fishing is a whole different ball game altogether.

There are the many variety of target species requiring all sorts of different tactics to target them. They live in all manner of habitats. Some inhospitable to humans.

The mind-boggling array of tackle or equipment to suit the fishing conditions let alone the myriad selection of baits & lures that catches both fish and fishermen.

Plus add to the fact that our intended quarry tends not to stay put in one place and has inborn survival instinct, I’d say that’s what gets us hooked and keep coming back for more.

Furthermore fun is a funny thing. If something we do becomes easily predictable then the fun factor decreases real soon. Some days getting the fish to bite can be hard. But on another day they seem to oblige ever so willingly.


Weirder still some days the fish seem to only bite one particular person’s bait! And that is precisely what happened to Alan last weekend during one of our quickie-fishing session.

No matter what the rest of us threw at them they just don’t seem interested. And here we have Alan casually walk up to the first spot and in less than 5 casts WHAM! a good sized fish chomps down his brand new Lucky Craft lure! The rest of us have not even started fishing yet.

Latest FAD “Fish Attracting Dude”

He caught & released another one about an hour later. When Ed & I were thinking of calling it a day, no prize for guessing who casually walks up beside us, put on a lure that he said he has never used and in 2 cast caught another fish where we had been casting without a single nudge let alone bite.


Ten casts later he caught and released another fish from the same spot.

We packed up and left after that. That’s fishing.

River monsters

February 6, 2010 3 comments

JEREMY WADE THE EXTREME ANGLER IS BACK IN SEASON 2 OF RIVER MONSTERS. For all you fish-heads out there make sure you don’t miss the episodes Sunday nights at 22:00 hrs.

Some of us may just be catching season 1 though. Check out your local listing or watch video clips on the Animal Planet-Discovery or discoverychannelasia.com.

Here’s an funny preview on youtube.

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Frogs ain’t always bait… or food.

January 29, 2010 4 comments

While the mention of frog usually conjure up the image of a fish bait us and meal to some, the photos below shows frogs can be bad-ass too.

See that and more fierce animal encounters Wild toughness: 12 Amazing Photos of Animal Fighting – Oddee.com.

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Canon Powershot G11. The ideal camera?

January 28, 2010 3 comments

Firstly, this is not a water-proof/resistant camera or anything like the cameras I normally write about. While rugged cameras are more suitable for our wet & wild outdoorsy activities, they don’t exactly produce pretty pictures.

The latest ‘G’ series camera from Canon, the G11 may just be the camera to appease those of us who demand print-quality shots.

I also like the fact that it is feature packed but handy at the same time.

Canon Powershot G11

I’ve been looking at the G11 recently (more like staring actually) and wonder if this little prosumer is the one. Read the full comprehensive review here Canon Powershot G11 Digital Camera Review.

PENN Reels-Custom Shop

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment

The PENN Internationals are a highly-regarded range of reels for big game fishing. Now there is good news for its fans as they can be customized.

Click on images or link below for more…

via PENN Reels-Custom Shop.

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Fishing the Amazon in Thailand

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

While fishing in the oldest, largest, rainforest on the planet for the baddest fish will be real cool not many will actually get to do it.

But there’s a much easier and less costlier alternative albeit minus the environment and that is fishing at IT Monster Lake, Thailand. It is great that it is featured by the National Geographic TV video below.

The only gripe I have about fishing at IT Monster Lake is you don’t get the excitement of the looming danger of getting carried away by giant ant colonies, attacked by a Caiman, crushed by an Anaconda or get bitten into bits by Piranhas. Then again, maybe not.

Zeb Hogan is a man with a cool project. More power to the man behind The Megafishes Project.